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F 600 INJECTION GROUT Filling of joints, cracks, voids and cavities of 0,5 mm in size and more in building structures.




A dry water-proofing injection mixture for construction purposes; the product consists of fine-grained Portland cement and patented chemical additives which are mixed with water prior to application.


Filling of joints, cracks, voids and cavities of 0,4 mm in size in building structures. The product is applied using an injection pump for sealing, reinforcing and waterproofing concrete. Used as a binder for preparing sloppy shrink-proof concrete and grouts, including those for securing anchors. Depending on the field of application, the consistency, while mixing with water, can vary from plastic to high-fluid. 


  • high early compressive strength; 
  • when mixing with water, a fully-fluid, plastic and easy-to-place mix is formed;
  • special additives provide high adhesion and increased strength. 
  • high water impermeability, freeze and corrosive resistance properties, wear-resistance, durability and no shrinkage;


Parameter name Parameter name as a function of consistency 
  Plastic Plastic-liquid  High-fluid 
Water-solid ratio W/S = 0,25  W/S = 0,3  W/S = 0,4 
Material moisture content by mass, %, max.  0,3
Appearance Loose powder of grey color, free from mechanical impurities 
Bulk density in standard un-compacted state, kg/m3  880±70 
Mobility, mm, not less than  100 150 150
Initial mobility duration, min., not less than  90 150 150

Setting time, min.:

- initial set, not earlier than

- final set, not later than







Compressive strength, MPa:

- in 3days

- in 28 days 







Shrinkage deformation (expansion), %, not less than  +0,04  +0,02  +0,01 

Bond (adhesion) strength to concrete, MPa, not less than:

- in 3days

- in 28 days 







Water impermeability grade, MPa, not less than  1.2 


plastic pails (20 kg), big-bags (MKP 800 kg).   


When supplied in big-bags, the guaranteed shelf life is 6 (six) months. When supplied in plastic pails, the guaranteed shelf life is 12 (twelve) months from the production date when properly stored in unopened and undamaged original packaging. Storage on the premises with any humidity at a temperature from minus 60 up to plus 50ºC is allowed. 

TRANSPORTATION: all types of transport. 

“F 600 Injection Grout” can be applied when the temperature of the structure surface and ambient air temperatures are from 5 up to 35ºC. 

SURFACE PREPARATION:  Drill blast holes into the detected cavity in the concrete at a distance of 100-150 mm from each other. When filling a crack, drill blast holes at an angle of 45⁰ in staggered order on both sides from the crack at a pitch equal to the half of the structure thickness. Blast holes shall cross the crack in the middle of the structure thickness. Purge the blast holes with compressed air or rinse with water under pressure, and then install injectors. 


Use only clean container and water to prepare the mortar mix. Prepare only as much mortar mix as can be used within 90-150 minutes (depending on the consistency used and on the crack or cavity dimensions). The optimum mixing water temperature is 20°C ±2 °C. In case of temperature decrease, mortar mix setting accelerates. In case of temperature increase, the setting process slows down. Mechanical mixing using a slow-speed drill (500-600 r/min) is optimal. To get a uniform consistency at manual mixing, stir vigorously.   

Consistency Plastic Plastic-liquid  High-fluid 
Water consumption per 1 Litre  0,25 Litre  0,3 Litre  0,4 Litre 

First add ¾ of the estimated amount of dry mix and stir in water to get a uniform mortar mix. Then add the remaining ¼ of the dry mix and continue mixing. The mortar mix is initially characterized by high viscosity that is decreased while mixing. Stir for 5 minutes until you get a plastic homogeneous mix.  Warning! Subsequent addition of water into the prepared mortar mix is not allowed. Prepare only as much mortar mix as can be used within 90 minutes at 20⁰C (with temperature rise, the initial mobility duration is decreased). Regularly stir the mortar mix during the use to maintain its initial consistency


Use a manually-operated reciprocating pump to inject the mortar mix “F 600 Injection”. Before injection works, check the pump operability by pumping water through it.  Start the injection process and proceed until a pressure surge occurs in the system, or pressure does not increase for a long time (2-3 minutes), or until the injection mix starts flowing out of the neighboring injection hole.

Then install a new injector and continue injecting the cavity, void or crack. 

If the mortar mix viscosity increases, rinse the pump immediately with water, then prepare a new portion of mortar mix and continue the injection process.   Where the injectors need to be removed, fill the remaining cavities with a mortar mix “PENECRETE MORTAR”. 

Rinse the equipment with water after injection. The matured and hardened mortar mix “F 600 Injection” can only be removed mechanically.


Water-solid ratio Mortar mix density, kg/dm3 Consumption of dry mix, kg/dm3 of cavity 
0,25 1,85 – 2,00  1,70
0,30 1,80 – 1,90  1,60 – 1,65 
0,40 1,70 – 1,80  1,50


The treated areas shall be protected against mechanical effects and temperatures below 5⁰C for a period of three days. Make sure that the treated surfaces are kept damp for a period of three days. The methods are as follows: periodic water spraying or covering the surface with polyethylene film.  SAFE HANDLING INFORMATION: Wear alkali-resistant rubber gloves when handling this product. The mix contains Portland cement which can irritate eyes and skin. On contact with water, an alkali forms. Avoid contact with eyes while mixing and applying. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice.  


The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the fabricated materials with the requirements of CE 1504-CPR-0282/ F 600 Injection provided the instructions for dry mix application are strictly followed.  

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