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Permeability testing


01/05/1998 REPORT NO.: B22906/DJ/1
  Setsco Services PTE LTD
  Determination of compressive strength, water permeability and scanning electronic Microscopic (SEM)
Examination on concrete cubes treated with Penetron Admixture
  Results: DIN 1048: Pt 5: 1991
Sample Reference Concrete treated with Penetron Admix
Specimen Reference 1 2 3 4 5 6
Date of cast 01/12/97
Date of water pressure applied 08/12/97 30/12/97
Age At Test (days) 7 29
Water pressure applied (N/mm2) 0.5
Duration of test (hours) 72
Depth of penetration (mm) 18.8 22.4 18.8 11.0 11.0 9.7
Average depth of penetration (mm) 20.0 10.6
05/31/2001 REPORT NO.: A3747/WCW
  Setsco Services PTE LTD
  Report on Performance Assessment of Penetron Waterproofing Admixture
  Results: Penetron Admixture has evidently reduced the porosity and permeability even of a water tight control and laboratory prepared concrete without reducing the water cement ratio. The improvement is expected to be more pronounced in concrete of lower quality and concrete cast in-situ. The coefficient of water permeability of the treated concrete is in the range of 10-13 m/s. Based on the guidelines given in DIN 1045, the treated concrete complies with the requirements for water resistant/waterproof concrete.
12/1/2002 Report: ACCI REF. NO. 58324
  The Australian Centre for Construction Innovation, Properties of Type GP Cement Concrete Modified with Penetron Admix
  Water Permeability Test (ACCI Method)
  Results: According to a review of permeability test methods published by British Concrete Society, concretes with permeability coefficients below 1 x 10-12 are considered to be very good while concrete with permeability coefficient between 1 x 10-12 m/sec are considered to be acceptable.
Test Item Mix-P (Treated Sample) Mix-C (Control Sample) Water Permeability Coefficient Reduction
Coefficient of Water permeability (m/sec) 1.76 x 10-12 7.24 x 10-12 Water Permeability Test (ACCI Method)
10/10/2005 REPORT NO. 05-4070A
  Sor Testing Laboratories, Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ
  Laboratory Tests of Penetron Admix in Concrete
  Results: As per ASTM-D 5084, the Penetron Admix treated concrete showed improvements of an average permeability of 2.45 x 10-10 cm/sec over the control (untreated) concrete of 3.66 x 10-8 cm/sec.
  Testing Report of Concrete Additive Penetron Admix
  Results: Concrete with Penetron Admix I/I showed W28 (1.0MPa) and the control concrete I showed W8 (0.8MPa). Concrete with Penetron Admix II/I showed W30 (3.0MPa) to the control concrete II of W9 (1.4MPa)


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