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Penecrete Mortar is a cementitious, ready-mixed waterproof repairing and sealing mortar. It consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and compound of active chemicals, which resist water pressure.

Applied in conjunction with PENETRON®.

The active chemicals combine with the free lime and moisture present to form insoluble crystalline complexes.

These crystalline complexes, similar to a gel that grows in the presence of water, block the capillaries of the Penecrete Mortar and minor shrinkage cracks, thus preventing water ingress.


Chemical activation begins when Penecrete Mortar powder is mixed with water and may take several days to completely block the capillaries depending on ambient temperature and environmental conditions.


    Installation of seal strips (reglets and coves) at joints to assure water tightness
    Patching of tie holes and faulty construction joints.
    Filling of routed out cracks
    Waterproof sacking of concrete "bugholes"
    Repairing of spalled and honeycombed areas


    Applied to the positive or negative water pressure side of a structure
    Resists strong hydrostatic pressure
    Post sealing effect of shrinkage cracks up to 0.01" (0.3mm)
    Easy to use - needs only to be mixed with water prior to application
    Not a vapor barrier, lets concrete "breathe"
    Can be skim coated or feather edged
    Applied to moist concrete
    Fast Setting
    Inorganic - no polymers


All surfaces to be patched, repaired or sealed with Penecrete Mortar must be sound.

   1. Remove all dirt, cement laitance, form release agents, curing compounds, paints, etc. by means of wet or dry sandblasting, a high pressure water jet or other suitable mechanical means.
   2. Surfaces must be well moistened to a dull dampness at the time of application.
   3. Cracks should be routed out to a U-shaped configuration, approx. 3-4" (20mm) wide and a minimum of 3-4" (20 mm) deep.
   4. Tie holes should be roughened prior to filling.
   5. Spalled and honey-combed areas must be thoroughly cleaned and chiseled back to sound concrete prior to repair.
   6. Penecrete Mortar should be mixed with clean water to a trowelable mortar consistency. Approximate mixing ratio (by volume) is 4 1-2 parts powder to 1 part water* For glove pointing, add small amount of water. Mix only as much material as can be used within 20 minutes.

Cracks/Seal Strips (reglets & coves)—
After proper surface preparation and routing to appropriate configuration, prime areas to be patched or repaired with a slurry coat of PENETRON® and while "green" (tacky), fill cavity flush to surface with Penecrete Mortar in mortar consistency.

Spalled and Honey Combed Areas—
Prepare surface and chisel back to sound concrete. Prime area to be repaired with a slurry coat of PENETRON® and while "green" (tacky), apply Penecrete Mortar in layers of 1-2" (12.7mm) until desired profile is obtained.

•  PENETRON® should be applied as a surface treatment as soon as the Penecrete Mortar has set (approx. 1-2 hours). If not practical, leave surface rough for subsequent surface treatment to bond.


    Aggregate state: Powder
    Color: Cement Grey
    Bulk Density: 112 lbs/ft3(1.81 kg/l)
    Pot Life: 30 minutes
    Setting Time: Approx. 2 hrs
    Potable Water: Approved
    Shelf Life: 12 Months in unopened, undamaged bags
    Packing: 50lbs (22.7 kg) bags or plastic pails.


    For commercial use only; this product contains Portland cement and is highly alkaline. The use of rubber gloves and goggles during mixing and application is recommended.Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Refer to MSDS available from ICS Penetron for further information.
    Do not apply Penecrete Mortar at temperatures below 400ºF (50ºC) or to a frozen substrate. This product is not recommended for use in expansion or construction joints.
    Penecrete Mortar must be stored in a dry enclosed area off the ground.
    Provide protection against extreme weather conditions during the setting period.

ICS/Penetron International, Ltd. warrants that the products manufactured by it shall be free from material defects and will be consistent with its normal high quality. Should any of the products be proven defective, the liability of the manufacturer shall be limited to the replacement of the product ex-factory. The Manufacturer makes no warranty as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use and assume all risks and liability in connection herewith.


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