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PENEBAR SW waterstops are hydrophilic products that expand when in contact with water. The waterstop is placed in concrete joints and critical areas where water leakage is likely. When water pressure starts, PENEBAR SW will swell and thereby seal the area completely, preventing any leakage through the concrete. Using these products together with PENETRON ADMIX will ensure your structure to remain waterproof for its designed life-span, without any further need for maintenance or repairs.

Penetron offers two types of PENEBAR SW waterstops;

PENEBAR SW-45 rapid is suitable for use on non-moving construction joints. The nature of its expansion characteristics makes it a preferred solution for protection of building projects exposed to salt water or high hydrostatic pressure.

PENEBAR SW-55 offers a controlled expansion and thereby avoids some of the problems associated with the use of rapid expansion waterstops;

 - It does not expand prematurely and does not absorb any water from fresh concrete poured against it.

- It will not expand to a point where the hydration process causes it to disintegrate and hence will not be washed away.

- It will not cause excessive internal pressure in the concrete.

PENEBAR SW PRIMER is applied to the area where PENEBAR SW waterstops are to be placed to ensure good adhesion.

Inquire with your local PENETRON distributor for further information on the PENEBAR SW product range.

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