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Penetron System

Penetron System: How to work

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PENETRON® Cementitious Capillary Waterproofing Products are formulations consisting of common cement, quartz, sand (of special grade) and multiple activating chemicals that provide the most effective permanent concrete waterproofing system available


   1. The PENETRON® chemicals penetrate into the the capillary tracts of the concrete by pressure of osmosis, Brownian movement and dry particle reactions.
   2. The active ingredients of PENETRON® react with various concrete minerals forming insoluble crystals which fill out cracks, pores and voids up to a width of at least 400 microns. This crystalline growth will eventually take place deep inside the concrete structure and has been found as deep as nearly 1 meter from the point of application.
   3. Water molecules (and a wide range of chemicals) are no longer able to pass through the concrete. However, air can still pass allowing the concrete to breathe and avoiding vapor pressure to build.
   4. In the absence of further moisture, PENETRON® components lie dormant. Should moisture recur at any time, the sealing process resumes automatically and advances ever deeper into the concrete.

PENETRON® continuously seals and reseals. once applied, the effect of PENETRON® is permanent, and is backed up by the warranty of our ISO 9002 quality standard.

1. Coarse-grained elongated crystals and fine-grained needle-like crystals can be seen lining a crack. These crystals will completely fill up and waterproof the crack.  

2. Same crack as above taken by BEI showing Penetron crystal formation sealing it.

3. BEI close up showing elongated crystals and fine needle-like crystals in the crack.

Penetron System: Typical Usage

PENETRON® should be applied to concrete or block structures exposed to potential water or chemical attack and thus requiring permanent waterproofing and protection. It's applicability to either the positive side (side exposed to water) or the negative side(side opposite water) meets all waterproofing requirements. Here are just a few examples:

    • Drinking Water Reservoirs
    • Sewage and Water treatment tanks
    • Aquariums
    • Tunnels
    • Foundations
    • Elevator Shafts
    • Underground vaults
    • Industrial Installations
    • Parking Decks
    • Traffic Bearing Structures
    • Base Slabs
    • Diaphragm Walls
    • Basements
    • Concrete Roofs
    • Bathrooms




Penetron System: Unique Advantages

PENETRON® should not be confused with a coating or membrane solution. It actually becomes an integral part of the concrete, forming a complete body of strength and durability. The system therefore offers the following benefits:

    • Penetrates deeply...up to 1 meter !
    • Seals concrete's capillary tracts and cracks up to 0.4mm.
    • Permanent; waterproofing and chemical resistance properties remain intact even after surface damage.
    • cannot come apart at the seams, tear or puncture.
    • more effective and less costly than other systems such as membranes, clay panels, pore blockers, coatings... -
    • easy to apply and therefore highly labor-cost effective.
    • can be applied from either the positive or the negative side.
    • resists high hydrostatic head pressure.
    • increases compressive strength of concrete.
    • does not require protection during backfilling, placement of steel or wire mesh or other common procedures.
   • resists chemical attack and provides a wide range of protection from freeze-thaw cycles, corrosion of reinforcement steel, aggressive sub-soil waters, sea water, carbonates, chlorides, sulfates and nitrates.
    • can be applied to moist or green concrete.
    • can be applied as a slurry (brush or spray), dry-shake or admixture.
    • non toxic...approved for potable water use by EPA and in many other countries. European environmental license obtained.
    • no extensive curing times except for extremely hot weather and low humidity.
    • with a sales history in over 60 countries and distributors around the globe, we can tap into a vast resource of experience and concrete expertise to assist with demanding projects in your area.


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